What the Flock is this About?

Flock ’em all! The Flamingo Flocks are a large fund raiser for Project Graduation. The flocks pay for the rental of Main Event for the entire night. Wouldn’t it be great if EVERY SENIOR got flocked? That is the goal of the Mother Flockers who watch over the flocks. Thanks for donating! Janet Eastham – Chairperson, Robin Fennema, & Jill Byars

Who is flocking in my yard?

Is someone in your front yard? Yes! Our student volunteers, generally in small teams, will quietly and quickly (unless they are laughing too hard) set up the flamingos in your yard. Those same volunteers will return in 1 or 2 days* to evict the flock out of your yard and into someone else’s.
And, no worries, these volunteers get Volunteer Hours for wrangling the flamingos.
*If you get to visit with the flamingos for only 24 hours THIS IS A GOOD THING! That means lots of people are sending our feathered friends around Grapevine and Colleyville and we are growing our pile of $ for Project Graduation!

Where the flock are they?

Why hasn’t your person been flocked yet? Well, because there are a fixed number of flocks and a large area for them to cover. The flamingo is known for being more than a little flighty. Be patient with them. They are well worth the wait and they won’t leave anyone hanging.

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